Is Fear Good For You? It’s Halloween!

What is ‘Fear’ and why is it such a powerful emotion. Is there any point to it at all?

We all experience fear to a greater or lesser extent so what’s its purpose?

If we think of a cute little mouse living in the tropical Amazon, would it be better being a brave mouse racing around beating its chest at anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world or would it be safer to be a scared little mouse hiding away! Well! we know the answer and herein lies the secret to fear.

Fear is the emotion we have developed to help us survive and live longer. It is actually a really good thing, keeping you safe.  So the next time you hide behind the sofa watching Dr Who, don’t be ashamed that you are such a scaredy cat, it is a brilliant emotion helping you survive so embrace your fear.

Fear has also developed into an industry whereby commercial enterprise can sell us ‘fear’ disguised as entertainment like high speed rollercoaster rides and horror movies.  We have learned to reinterpret adrenaline as excitement rather than fear. We particularly enjoy fear in the movies where we know that shark in the Jaws film is really a hollow plastic toy – it’s that music which makes it seem real, driving up the anticipation levels to a crescendo (you know the scene I mean)!

So today is about fun and fear, celebrating the dead with the spirits enjoying a day back on earth.  A day for the ghouls and the ghostly.  So enjoy it, have fun, embrace the fear.  Maybe you could use the Halloween example to unlearn any fears you have built in your mind.



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