The Secret of Youth and Energy

If you need any evidence of how nourishing your spiritual life will fill you full of energy and vigour then view this photograph of Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones Concert in Hyde Park on Saturday.  He appeared to have boundless energy and enthusiasm for his task to entertain the vast crowd in London. We were all dancing along to the music savouring the time we had at this once in a lifetime moment where you see an icon of the pop world who turns 70 very soon and understand why this man is so special and appeals of all generations.  There were young teenagers and also elderly people who had become fans of the Rolling Stones in the early 1960’s. Mick Jagger practises Yoga and Buddhist principles which gain you flexibility in your physical body and mind.  He danced and sang live on stage for about 2 hours on a really hot evening where the heat had been building all day – one of the hottest day’s in London this year.  A fantastic time was had by all.Rolling-Stones-Concert-Hyde-Park-Saturday-July-2013

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