Were You Born Under a Full Moon? Challenges?

Full MoonCelebrated astrologer Jonathan Cainer has described how being born under a Full Moon means you will face big challenges your whole life long. This was in the context of the new Royal Baby George who was apparently born at a time of a Very Full Moon. This also means that he will become very good a dealing with challenges and learn how to ride the ups and downs.  Just as well really, given the life that he is born to live without the freedoms of us ordinary mortals to make mistakes and learn from them without the embarrassment of the judgement errors being reported in the national press! Of course people dream of having a ‘charmed life’ but actually what would it give you in real terms?  If you were happy every day what would you learn on planet earth? Anything? Do we learn more from the deep down bad stuff than from the good and joyous?  Is that really our purpose on being here in the first place? Learning how to handle the rough and tumble of life? That when we reach ‘the Pearly Gates’ and God sits you down for a little chat and says ‘Well! What did you learn about life?  What would be your reply?

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