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Carnelian Offset Heart Necklace

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Carnelian Offset Heart Necklace 

Do you need a bit of UMPH?  This beautiful Carnelian Heart Necklace will give you that energy. Carnelian stimulates your metabolism and improves your absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Even its lovely warm red/orange colour is energising and invigorating to the mind and body.  Carnelian is also a stone of action giving you courage and confidence to move forward on a new path of life so will help you clarify your goals so you can find your best direction in life. Aids fertility, heals lower back pain and cures depression. The necklace strap is adjustable so you can wear it around your neck with the perfect placement to suit you. This healing crystal necklace will come to you well wrapped in a smart black box so if you buy it as a jewellery gift for a friend or loved one then the whole process is done for you.

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