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Stop Smoking Hypnosis | Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis | Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD


“How to stop smoking” is the question we all ask when we are smokers! We all know it is an expensive hobby and bad for our health but giving up smoking is one of the hardest things you will do in your life and also one of the best things you will ever do!
Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in programming the mind to overcome the addiction to cigarettes and nicotine in a safe, holistic, natural way, free from any harmful side effects.  Stop smoking forever with this superb high quality hypnosis CD produced by a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.
Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD: Free Yourself from the Smoking Habit Forever when you listen to this quit smoking CD. Your mind will very quickly get used to the idea that you don’t smoke.  Hypnosis taps into your unconscious (subconscious) mind  which stores the bad habits like smoking  and reduces the desire to smoke at a deeper level of the conscious mind.  
Included are positive suggestions and affirmations to prevent you putting on weight or substituting other negative patterns of behaviour. You will be more determined to keep fit and healthy. This Stop Smoking Forever CD takes you into a deeply relaxed trance state, incorporates special digital sound and has a uniquely hypnotic effect.
If you have any queries about this hypnosis CD then do please ring the Mary Mays Office.



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