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Yoga DVD | Yoga for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Poses for Energy

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 Yoga for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Poses for Daily Energy


Ideal yoga for beginners, this Yoga DVD has lovely flowing spiritual yoga poses which will rejuvenate you and give you daily energy. Yoga gives your mind and body flexibility and strength and experienced yoga practitioners will also find a different dimension by incorporating a spiritual flavour to their yoga practise. Set in stunning India near Buddhist temples, the spiritual setting transports your mind and body to another world of calm and peace. The Yoga practise includes meditation and a unique blend of Pilates, Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga from an experienced yoga teacher, Mahala. (Yes, Mahala is her real name.)  Enjoy total relaxation as you journey with Mahala through this moving meditation of yoga poses shot at 3 amazing locations in the Indus Valley, India, the birthplace of yoga. Experience the breath-taking scenery as you release and restore balance to your body and mind. Bring the energy of this magical and spiritual land into your home with these wonderful yoga poses, available to you any time and place you need it. This Yoga DVD is very easy to follow and great for any level of fitness including beginners. Mahala recommends you take a special yoga course during pregnancy therefore this yoga DVD is not suitable during pregnancy. As a yoga teacher with over 10 years' experience, Mahala has trained in many different styles of yoga and developed her own style that will teach you how to tune into your body's own healing ability. The variety of yoga positions in this DVD will aid yoga for beginners as you will experience a unique blend of Pilates, Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga - a variety of yoga asanas to strengthen your body and mind - moving meditation to the uplifting sounds of both ancient and modern sacred music - inner peace and strength while connecting to your body, mind and soul.
 Choose from six specially selected sequences to balance and harmonise your energy at given points in the day:
Introduction - A brief overview with Mahala Opening Sequence - Set in Basgo Village, Basgo Castle is a middle age structure listed in UNESCO World Endangered Sites. Located at Ley, 40 km from Ladakh, Northern India.
Lie onto your yoga mat into Savasana (Relaxation pose), making your transition from the busyness into the stillness. Mahala will guide you through some twists to rejuvenate and rebalance your central nervous system, really great if you have had a stressful day and are finding it hard to 'switch off'. Experience some single leg raises and from here you can move a little deeper if you would like more of a challenge into some double leg raises which are great for core strength.
Surya Namaskar - Saluting the sun against the backdrop of the Indus River as well as Stakna Monastery founded in the late 16th century by the Drugpa sect. You will experience a great all over work out that will leave you feeling fantastic.
Balance Sequence - Set along the banks of the Indus River at an Indus festival place, a Hindu temple in Leh, experience yoga poses that will be great to improve your balance and also your will power.
Shoulder Stand Sequence - Staying along the banks of the Indus River we start to move into our closing shoulder stand sequence.
Final Relaxation - Spend some time at the end of your yoga practise absorbing the great benefits of this ancient art, soothing your mind, body and soul.
Total Time: 75 minutes. Namaste

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