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Yoga DVD | Yoga for Back Pain | Seated Yoga | Yoga for Disabled

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Gentle Yoga for Back Pain, Seated Yoga DVD, Yoga for Disabled

Regular movement is essential for a healthy life, without which we may experience stress and tiredness. As most of us now spend more time sat behind computers in one position for long periods, here is a series of movements to alleviate the strain and stiffness often experienced including back pain. Helping to reduce muscular tension, improving posture, circulation and tissue health, this Seated Yoga for Life DVD includes yoga for back pain and can be enjoyed by all.
Rehabilitating After Injury or Illness? Suffering from back pain? Seated Yoga DVD can Help.
Seated yoga is also highly beneficial for individuals in wheelchairs and those rehabilitating after injury or illness.
Simple to Follow Gentle Yoga from Your Chair
Seated Yoga  DVD is simple to follow, easily accessible and requires nothing more than a standard chair. The movements you will learn on this DVD consists of 20 gentle flowing yoga moves that will leave you open, relaxed and energised.
This DVD has an easy to follow format with in-depth instruction, a flowing run-through for those more familiar with the series and a gentle version with modifications for those with less mobility.
Also included is a short seated meditation for those wanting to experience deep stillness after opening and aligning their body. You will enjoy practising seated yoga with Graeme, Julian and Jas.


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